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The Parish Council comprises 11 members and meets monthly, usually on the second Tuesday. The agenda for the meeting can be viewed in advance on this website and on the noticeboard by the Post Office. Please forward any items you wish to include on the agenda to the Clerk 7 days before the meeting. The Parish Council welcomes public involvement at the meetings and will always make time for the public to speak. Minutes are approved at the following meeting and can be viewed on this website and on the Post Office noticeboard.

The Parish Council is responsible for the running and maintenance of the Village Hall, the Cemetery at Roe Hill, the Governors’ Field, the Playing Field and pavilion, the allotments on Foxwood Lane and also leases the tennis courts to the Tennis Club.

Contact the Clerk to find out more about our facilities and services.

Contact the Clerk or Councillors to raise any issues or express your views.

Woodborough has an Emergency Planning Committee which comprises a group of volunteers from the parish who aim to coordinate local action in the event of flood or other emergency. For details, download their Emergency Plan.

Next Meeting

The date of the next Parish Council meeting is Tuesday May 10th. The agenda is available from May5th.

The Annual Meeting takes place on Tuesday April 26th at 7pm.

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Need to phone the Clerk?

Please call 0115 849 8195

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